At 19, I moved to Arizona to attend Arizona State, where I experienced an awakening.  I discovered Veganism, Organics,  Grateful Dead and this sacred Earth.

       Seemingly without effort,  my life transformed overnight.

I was making healthy delicious meals for me and my friends.

       Within a short time, I met my first teacher of Holistic Nutrition, author of "Healing with Whole Foods", Paul Pitchford.  I began to develop an understanding of the relationship of food preparation, with my spiritual, mental, physical and emotional well-being.

    My Heart had awakened to a new sense of service and caring

and my Holistic lifestyle began.

    For me, Holistic meant  learning about forgiveness, taking responsibility, building awareness and empowerment. I realized that I could make other lifestyle choices that supported me to be a happier and fulfilled person.

    After I graduated from the Family studies program with honors, I  found myself at Heartwood Instistute,  a massage healing school nestled on 240 acres in Northern Calfornia. There motto was heal yourself and then others.  I studied and worked there for 2 years and then went abroad alone for 6 months, traveling to India continuing my self exploration.

       In 2001, I was introduced to raw foods and again my life was  transformed with new information and therefore greater health and fulfillment.

     I  am a graduate of Living Light Culinary School in California and The Shinui Retreat in Georgia. I started Simply Loving Raw which offers Raw Food classes, Holistic Lifestyle Coaching and also Kathy˙s Krackers, which offers a variety of dehydrated snacks that are distributed throughout the United States.

    In 2006, I opened the “The Flowering Garden”, a  healing/education sanctuary, which offers a variety of raw food products, classes, workshops and Hands on Healing!

    I also offer a variety of seminars and lectures. Please contact me for more information.

E-mail: | Mobile: 786.201.6900

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